The States Deployment Initiative was established by The Conveners Network to help states fully capture the benefits of the EPA’s CPRG Program. This website is designed to facilitate that process and provide states access to technical and expert resources, including federal funding tools and federal guidance.

The Conveners Network is a cooperative group of non-partisan organizations working with states to accelerate the development and adoption of sound energy policy. Each organization has a core competency in a particular region of the country while often doing work that is inter-regional or national in scope. The Conveners Network offers a unique space in which states can:​

  • Achieve their goals more quickly and easily by learning from one another’s real-world, practical experience.
  • Have candid, in-depth discussions tailored to issues of common interest paired with rigorous follow-up and assistance​.
  • Capture efficiencies in tasks common to all states, such as stakeholder engagement, modeling, analysis, policy design, and implementation best practices​.
  • Access technical and expert resources on a wide range of energy-related topics, including federal funding opportunities​.
  • Identify and pursue multi-state and/or
  • multi-region initiatives when it makes sense to do so​.

To learn more about each organization within The Conveners Network, please visit their websites below.

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